Zen Meditation

{22E1E303-900F-452A-9427-6D91FE6CBC7A}Zen meditation is hosted by the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood in Ridgewood, New Jersey on Monday evenings. The meetings, offered by the New Moon Zendo, are open to all who would like to practice and learn about Zen Buddhism. The emphasis is on Zazen (Zen meditation), with talks and instruction given by experienced practitioners and Zen teachers. The group is led by Sensei Carl Viggiani (authorized to teach Zen by Roshi Robert Kennedy).

Kinhin is a practice that involves sitting in silence and turning one’s attention towards the breath. Through this simple practice, our usual mental activity is quieted, and different kinds of awareness are given the space to emerge. A wide range of benefits, spiritual, emotional and physical, are available to those who practice regularly.

Meetings are Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm in the back of the church on the first floor. Please arrive between 7:30 and 7:45. Cushions, chairs, and meditation benches are available. A $5 donation is suggested.

{3C080245-18B8-4E0B-94BB-A7D9A9627378}Because Zen is primarily a practice rather than a teaching, it is open to people of all faiths and philosophies. If you would like to attend, contact Sensei Carl Viggiani at carlviggiani@gmail.com or (914) 714-8621 and arrange for a brief orientation.

All-day intensives are held twice a year to provide the opportunity for deeper investigation of Zen practice.