Unitarian Society of Ridgewood Community Covenant

We build our community on a foundation of profound respect and love as we covenant together: 

To respect and honor diversity among us.

  • We embrace diversity of culture, race, sexual identity, gender, differing abilities and ages and stages of life.
  • We acknowledge that each person has a unique path and truth.
  • We keep an open mind.
  • We accept different language for expressing that which we consider sacred.

To communicate with kindness and support.

  • We openly share our laughter and tears.
  • We listen attentively and speak responsibly.
  • We help, encourage and trust each other.
  • We seek and offer comfort and forgiveness.

To foster a spirit of generosity among us.

  • We give of our time, talent and resources to keep our community strong.
  • We work for justice and engage in acts of service and compassion to others.
  • We commit time for spiritual growth in ourselves and in community.

We celebrate the joys of discovery, embracing the fullest measure of our humanity.

(Approved by congregational vote at the Annual Meeting on May 16, 2010)