Stewardship Council

Led by Peter Duran, the Stewardship Council provides leadership and support to all fundraising activities of the USR. It ensures the continuity of fundraising efforts from year to year in order to maximize results. It also develops new fundraising ideas on a one-time or continual basis.

If you would like to get involved or have questions about one of the committees, please submit them to Ann Pareti, Membership Administrator at and the respective committee chair will get back to you.

Annual Budget Drive Committee
Volunteers conduct the annual budget drive which provides the basic financial support for the Society. The beginning of the drive is scheduled in coordination with the Fellowship Feast.

Community Thrift Shop
Chair: Peter Duran
The Community Thrift Shop collects items donated on a continuing basis, on Mondays, year round. Each bag of items dropped off by members and friends of the U.U. is marked with our U.U. number (#9). When sold, a percentage of the proceeds go directly to the Unitarian Society. In return, one week each year we are asked to staff the collection room and sort and label the sale items.

Planned Giving Committee
Chair: Jeff Cagan
Planned Giving Committee serves as the custodian of the Society’s Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is a funding vehicle to promote the Society’s activities and causes from members’ requests. (It is not used to fund annual operations of the Society.) Each year members are encouraged to apply for grants to be used for funding projects within the greater community keeping in the spirit and beliefs of the USR. Examples of previous grants have included student scholarships, environmental grass-roots programs, women’s abortion rights organizations, and building schoolhouses in Guatemala. Members and friends of the Society are encouraged to contribute to the Endowment Fund both through lifetime gifts and in estate planning.

Chair: Ann Pareti
Oversees the use of our space by outside groups and individuals, as well as Society groups.

Service Auction Committee
Co-Chairs: Suzanne Willis & Jeff Summerville
Our major annual fund-raiser. Brightens the Winter! Helps us help ourselves by offering and/or buying services. Come and have fun at this event!

Fellowship Feast
Chair: TBD
Wonderful evening combines fellowship, feasting and financial pledging in Mid-March. Many hands help. Come and enjoy!