Save the Date: Women’s March on NYC and Women’s March on NJ

Women’s Marches are planned for Saturday, January 20 all around the country.  The two closest to us are in Morristown (the NJ March 11a.m. – 2p.m.) and Columbus Circle (the NYC March 11a.m. – 3p.m.).    Both marches are publicizing primarily on Facebook.   We will be planning car pools to Morristown.  Many are also taking public transportation into NY.  Please contact Carol Loscalzo (  if you want to be involved and would like to attend with others from USR.  Is there anybody who would like to coordinate car pools, meeting places, etc?  All help greatly appreciated.  The Social Responsibilities Council has joined with UU Faith Action NJ to sponsor the WomensMarch NJ in Morristown on Saturday, January 20 from 11 – 1.   Please contact Carol Loscalzo if you are interested in  learning about buses leaving from the area.  Click here to be linked to the Women’s March on NJ website.

From NJ organizers:
We marched in Washington D.C., our state capital of Trenton, and all across New Jersey one year ago. We showed the power, tenacity, and fierceness we have as women. This time we meet in Morristown onJanuary 20th for the Women’s March on New Jersey. Let us come together to celebrate our victories of the past year, charge our batteries for the new year, and send the message that our voices cannot be silenced.

NYC is using Eventbrite to gauge the numbers who will be attending: