A Message from Rob Willis

The Board of Trustees has spent a considerable amount of time this year evaluating our organizational structure, and considering what changes would simplify how we all work with one another.  I personally think that the reporting structure is unnecessarily cumbersome, and that an organization like ours needn’t be so hierarchical.   We should be a place that encourages participation and is flexible enough to allow congregants to easily pursue their interests, instead of needing to navigate their way through unnecessary approvals and being required to spend a lot of time reporting to others.

Additionally, our current organizational chart does not accurately reflect the role that Rev. Sarah is playing in the life of the congregation.  Unlike some of her predecessors, Rev. Sarah’s participation at the USR extends far beyond delivering an address on Sunday morning and providing pastoral care.

We will in the coming weeks start to engage with the congregation to discuss our ideas and hear from those of you who have an interest in this topic.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Rob Willis