Board of Trustee Goals

Earlier this fall, the Board established the following goals for this year:

1. Review / Evaluate / Adjust Organizational Structure

  • Examine the Role of the Board of Trustees
  • Clarify the relationship between the Board and the Minister and clearly define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Review the larger USR Organizational Structure and evaluate what changes should be made to:
    • Improve Communication Throughout the Congregation
    • Clarify the Roles & Responsibilities of the various parts of the whole
    • Make it easier to new members to understand how things work and to engage in the life of the congregation
    • Create a more holistic sense of the congregation
    • Review recommendations with and gain consensus among key stakeholders throughout the congregation
  • Communicate the changes to the Congregation

2. Lay the groundwork for a Capital Campaign that would take place next year.

Every minister has his or her specific interests and strengths.  Therefore, as a new partnership is forged between the congregation and its new minister, it is necessary to sort out which responsibilities fall under the purview of the minister, and which are reserved for the congregation’s lay leadership.  As we work through that exercise together with Rev. Sarah, we are also taking a hard look at how the USR is organized, how to improve communication, and how to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the congregation’s leaders.

Last year Rev. Tony emphasized the importance of examining our organizational structure, and Rev. Sarah has echoed that belief.  Many of us may not realize how dysfunctional the organization can be at times because those of us who have been around for a long time have figured out how to navigate our way around the place.  But I think that if you were to take a step back and look at how things work here through the eyes of a newcomer, you might agree that it is not as easy to engage in what is going on here as it should be.  I am sure that even those of you who have been actively participating for a long time often find yourselves asking who is responsible for something, or what is the process for getting something approved. Being an active participant in the life of the congregation should not be confusing.

We are therefore studying ways to reorganize in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Create smooth working relationships and connect the various parts of our community so that we can harmoniously work together.
  • Build a clear understanding of our new minister’ role.
  • Elucidate the important role of lay leaders.
  • Address the importance of clear communication between the Board, the Minister, and the rest of the Lay Leadership. 

The board is conscious of the need to engage the rest of the congregation in this process of fine-tuning the organizational structure and will be connecting with those of you who have an interest as the year progresses.  We look forward to your input.