Meet Our New Minister

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi

UPDATE: We have called Rev. Sarah to be our newly settled minister. Please click here for a special announcement from the USR Board of Trustees.

The Reverend Doctor Sarah Lenzi has served as the settled minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Hudson Valley since 2013. This is a vibrant congregation of about 100 members located in Westchester County.

Reverend Sarah was raised Unitarian at All Souls in New York City, although her family background includes diverse religious traditions, including both Catholic and Jewish. She received her BA at Williams College (2003), graduated from Harvard Divinity School (2007) and has both an MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (2012). She was ordained as a UU minister in 2013.

Reverend Sarah is also the proud, loving, intentional, single mother of three young boys (one, age 5 and twins, almost 2) and currently resides in New York City.

She describes her theology as “classic UU” and holds tight to the legacy of our Unitarian and Universalist forbears. She also believes in the “Oneness of all things” and is not afraid to use the word “god” but would not describe herself as either Christian or humanist. Instead, she believes “in our capacity as human beings to choose the right, to bring love into the world, to live deeply in our interconnections.” Reverend Sarah understands that our congregation is composed of people who draw from many theological sources and she has a deep respect for all of these perspectives.

Given her upbringing and educational background, it is no surprise that Reverend Sarah has strong commitments to religious education and social justice. As a mother, she is deeply invested in the spiritual nourishment of our youngest congregants. She is also well aware of USR’s strong tradition of social justice work and is eager to lend her abilities to facilitating this crucial aspect of our shared ministry.

Reverend Sarah is also engaged in the wider world of ministry beyond her congregation. As the Director of the UU Wellspring Program she is responsible for a series of curricula designed for deepening personal theology and participation in UU congregations and the world at large.

As impressive and exciting as Reverend Sarah’s credentials and back-ground are, there is more – much more. She is, quite simply, a delightful human being. We have found her to be warm, approachable, considerate and perceptive. From the beginning she has been as eager to learn as much about us as we have about her. We saw that this curiosity was not mere “due diligence” but a desire to assess how we can share this journey of shared ministry with joy, respect and enthusiasm. Reverend Sarah has a great sense of humor, laughs easily and has a refreshing sense of perspective (three boys will do that!). We feel very strongly that a healthy work/life balance is essential to a great ministry and we believe that Rev. Sarah is extremely well grounded, intellectually accomplished and temperamentally equipped to help us realize our full potential at USR.

Please click below for a special video message from Rev. Sarah to the USR:

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