This Week’s Message from Rev. Sarah

My car had its annual inspection yesterday, and
as I watched the mechanic raise it up into the air, I noticed something I never had before: as the car was raised, the tires relaxed. All day, every day, they are tight into the wheel hub. But as it lifted, the tires waited just a little longer, and it was as if they took a big breath before following upward.

We go, so fast, so hard, so non-stop. And during this time of year it can get even worse. We can have gatherings, responsibilities, family dynamics that pop up this time of year more than others… We can be very busy and feel run ragged. But also, many of us can be far less busy than we think we should be or than we’ve been in years past, and that can be lonely and disheartening.

Whether you are overrun or feeling the holiday blues, or even if you are joyfully delighting in decorations and lights, these weeks of waiting that come before the holidays themselves can be powerful and healing. Slowing down just that little bit, pausing a second more, breathing deeply, can create space we didn’t know we had.

Join us this Sunday as we explore the challenge of waiting, as well as its rewards.

Rev Sarah