Grant Recipients for 2017

The Planned Giving Committee is pleased to announce the grant recipients for 2017!

A total of $9,350 was awarded as follows:

Georgetta Walsh received $3,000 for a SHARE bathroom renovation:  The USR has been an advocate and supporter of SHARE, a Seniors house which sits across the street from the Society. All 28 rooms are occupied, some by members of the USR.  There is an enormous need to update the facilities.  This year’s grant will go to updating some of the bathrooms.

Ed Silver received $750 for Honduran deportees legal representation:  Ed Silver has been providing pro bono representation to two children (ages 14 and 16) who are in removal proceedings- meaning that the US Government is attempting to deport them back to Honduras.  Ed is affiliated with Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) and they are representing the cases on their personal capacity.  The one large cost is for translators.  Our funds are to be used to help in this regard.

Sally Lewis received $600 for CAMP Reading materials: Another organization that has had significant USR involvement is C.A.M.P., a program assisting inner city children in Paterson.  Sally Lewis is one of those leaders, and has requested funds to replace books- The Reading Milestone Series.  These books focus on the learning disabled who are often new to the English language.

Elizabeth Ames received $3,000 for the NNJSC (Northern New Jersey Sanctuary Coalition) which is a humanitarian and human rights organization.  Elizabeth Ames has requested funds to help support an asylum seeker in our area.  Funds are used to provide medical care, ESL, job counseling, transportation, case management, socialization and counseling among other services.

Margaret White received $2,000 for the Community of Friends in Action (CoFIA); Since 1999, CoFIA has operated a free lunch program in Palisades Park for day laborers who are looking for work.  Abruptly last December, the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church withdrew their offer to use their space for any activities. The organization is trying to maintain their connection with the Guatemalan workers as well as search out a new home from which to serve.  Our funds are helping in this effort.

As you can see, our members do great work in the greater community and we are proud to help support such causes.  As you might imagine, we could not fully fund all of the requests.  We would LOVE to be able to do more and that requires all of our help.  When you wish to celebrate or honor an event, think of donating to the USR Endowment Fund.  When you think  of honoring a deceased love one, think of the USR Endowment Fund.  When you are thinking of your estate plan, why not talk to a committee member about making the USR Endowment Fund a part of that plan?  We received an overly generous bequeathment last year of $78,000 which allowed us to greatly increase the amount available for this years’ grants.  Become part of our local (and needed) social action platform!

Jeff Cagan (chair)