First Friends Needs Our Support! Stamp out Despair Campaign

Not ten miles from the Statue of Liberty there are hundreds of immigrants languishing in “detention”.  They have no access to the outside:  they live in a miserable windowless warehouse.  They are not permitted to have possessions or even their own clothes.  One of their only pleasures is corresponding with family and friends.  The problem is they can only use pre-stamped envelopes, they purchase from the detention center commissary for much more than the price you can purchase them at the post office.  Many detainees have little or no money so it is difficult for them to afford the postage.

Please donate:

  1. Size # 10 envelopes with Forever Postage stamps  Please put your donations in the container on the Reeb porch or bring to the services next week or the week after.
  2. Make a donation to First Friends and send to 53 South Hackensack Ave, 2nd floor, Kearny NJ 07032