Facilities Council

The Facilities Council oversees the various committees listed below as well as vendor and contractor management for USR maintenance and projects. The Council is also responsible for long-range planning for the USR’s buildings and grounds.

If you would like to get involved or have questions about one of the committees, please submit them to Ann Pareti, Membership Administrator, at usr.membership1@gmail.com and the respective committee chair will get back to you.

A/V Committee
Chair: Phread Ayres
Oversees the audio visual including sound recording equipment used to record Sunday Services in the main USR building.

Maintenance and Grounds Committee
Chair: Bob Cohn
Oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the Society’s buildings and grounds. This committee uses volunteer resources from within the Society to keep the Society’s buildings and grounds safe, functional and conducive to Society services and activities. Volunteer resources include those skilled in trades, those who are handy, and those who can provide professional advice on contracting or similar issues. Volunteers are welcome on a long-term basis or on a project-specific basis. When necessary, the committee also uses paid assistance from contractors. This committee also oversees the kitchen facilities in the main USR building.

Long Term Facilities Planning
Chair: TBD
This Committee plans the renovation and maintenance of the USR’s physical assets beyond any one Congregational year.

Gardens Committee
Chair: Maria Geiselhart
Oversees planting and maintenance of seasonal and permanent plantings on the Society’s property.