Education Justice Committee

EJ_logoThe Education Justice Committee follows issues of education equity at the local, state and national level.

The group supports high quality, well rounded public education for all children and has taken a stand against systems that undermine the strength of our public schools such as drill and test models, test and punish policies, and privatization of public schools. The Education Justice committee supports the School Funding Reform Act (SFRA), the New Jersey law which acknowledges that English language learners, students living in poverty, and children with disabilities require extra resources. The law mandates additional state aid to support these children’s educations. Expansion of public preschool to benefit all three and four year olds living in high poverty areas of New Jersey is also endorsed.

Committee action occurs at many levels. In order to share information with the group, committee members voluntarily attend meetings of organizations with similar goals—Our Children/Our Schools, Save Our Schools NJ, United Opt Out and as well community events about education issues. Coffee hour events are held to involve congregants in actions that urge legislative leaders to support education equity, necessary funding, preschool expansion, and test refusal. Panel discussions, movies, and speakers are planned to educate USR members about the significant inequities in public education, the connection to class and to color, and the need to join a growing education justice movement.

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