A Message from Dylan Doyle-Burke


As January nears its end I am reflecting on the role of social justice in our lives as Unitarian Universalists and in our Religious Education program here at USR. Through our Martin Luther King Jr. day partnership with CAMP and our January Justice alternative Sunday school curriculum we try quite hard to make this month a time where we work together for justice, to amazing results. I am so proud of our teachers and lay leaders that have led the way this month to ensure that we are not only living our values out into the world but also passing those values onto our children. It also makes me wonder: what if we focused on Justice in Religious Education more of the year? What if we offered regular volunteer opportunities in Paterson for our youth? What if we offered regular Sunday School curriculum that engaged more directly with racial justice? Coming out of this month where we have so beautifully focused on living our values of justice I am feeling inspired and looking forward to seeing what our prophetic congregation and our visionary children will accomplish in the future.

In love,

Rev. Dylan Doyle-Burke