Community Corner

News from the Sunday Services Committee

The main role of the Sunday Services Committee is to find service leaders who can fill the pulpit at the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood when our settled minister is away. During this past summer, Sunday Services Committee (SSC) planned and organized our services from June 18th through September 3rd.

We call upon experienced UU ministers, young people in seminary who are working to become ministers, and occasionally people who we feel have a particular expertise that would be of interest to our congregation. We see the calling of seminarians to lead our services both as a chance to hear new voices and as a responsibility to provide experience to the next generation of UU ministers.

During the congregational year, we will bring in service leaders when there are openings, but we also try to organize at least two services a year that utilize the wisdom and experience of our own congregants. We supported the White Privilege and Mama’s Day services that grew from our Social Responsibilities Council and we organized a service on the reasons why Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics have found USR to be a welcoming home. We encourage anyone who has ideas about lay-led services to get in touch with us!

During the coming year, SSC will be adding a new set of responsibilities. At the request of our minister, Rev. Sarah Lenzi, SSC will help to provide a channel of communication between the congregation and our minister. Specifically, this will focus on congregants’ reactions to our minister-led Sunday Services. Based on information the committee members collect, we will be offering Rev. Sarah feedback for her consideration. Also, the committee and Rev. Sarah hope that we can begin to think creatively about Sunday services and how to make them even more meaningful for the congregation.

We would love to hear from you and get your suggestions for lay-led services. Our committee members are: Eric Fuhrman, Katherine Hyde, David Knechel, and Jeanne Short. Committee co-chairs are Elisabeth Mannschott and Steve Riskind