March Plate Collection for CoFiA

On Sunday March 12th, the plate collection will be donated to the Community of Friends in Action, Inc., a group that helps immigrants in the Eastern Bergen County area and also works for better immigration policy.

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for immigrants, both documented and undocumented. Our friends in the Palisades Park area are anxious that Trump-ordered raids may begin at any time. The media does not help because even though Obama ordered more deportations than any president before him, the fears arising from Trump’s highly publicized rhetoric far outweigh those related to Obama’s policies and practices. CoFiA is talking to people on an individual basis and in small meetings and plans to present several “Know Your Rights” sessions at the local library, to try to allay some of the more unrealistic fears. But none of us know what will actually happen. Donations may be made payable to USR with Community of Friends in Action on the memo line. Many thanks.

More information about this plate collection may be found in this month’s issue of the USR newsletter.

For more information about CoFiA, visit their website.

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