2017 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be Sunday, June 4, 2017, immediately following services. At this meeting, we’ll be voting on the 2017-2018 Budget and the slate of candidates put forward by the Nominating Committee for both the USR Board and Nominating.

For the USR Board 2017-2018:
Please note change: Sally Lewis will be the Vice President of the Board of Trustees.

Rob Willis (President, 2nd year)
Sally Lewis (Vice President, 1st year)
Peter Duran (Treasurer, 3rd year)
Bernie Josefsberg (Secretary, 2nd year)
Sean Brennan (Trustee, 2nd year)
Laura Krag (Trustee, 3rd year)
Julie McMurray (Trustee, 2nd year)
Holly Nolan, (Trustee, 2nd year)
Jackie Nadler (Trustee, 2nd year)

For Nominating Committee:

Frank Loscalzo (Chair, 2nd year)
Ralph Pleasic (1st year)
Helen Matusow-Ayres (2nd year)
Marilyn Maney (1st year)

2017-2018 Annual Budget

The Board of Trustees submits a proposed budget for 2017-2018 for consideration by the membership of the USR. Please contact the office for a copy of the budget.