The Northern NJ Sanctuary Coalition if Looking for One Host Volunteer and One Case Worker

The Northern NJ Sanctuary Coalition is looking for one host volunteer (we help the host) and one case worker for one new client. PC’s story is below. If interested in learning more, please contact Elizabeth Ames or call the office at 201-444-6225.

PC, a 38 year old Ethiopian teacher entered the United States near Hidalgo, Texas and applied for political asylum and asylum based on his sexual orientation. He was accused of being a member of a terrorist organization because he opposed his government’s demand to teach the history of their achievements. He was attacked several times because of his sexual preference, so he fled to Sweden where he completed a short course at the Ph. D. level in Mathematics. He returned to Ethiopia to teach at the British International School in Addis Ababa (speaks excellent English). In 2015, he refused requests by people from the People’s Democratic Revolutionary Front, the ruling party, to teach about the party in his lectures. Later that day, two armed EPDRF members took him to prison where he was beaten and accused of being a supporter of the Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force [EUFF]. He was detained for 6 months in a cell with about 20 other men with no visits or supplies from families permitted. After he was attacked by another cell mate, he was released and a friend helped him until he decided to leave Ethiopia. Due to laws which criminalize consensual same-sex activity, he cannot live openly as a homosexual anywhere in Ethiopia, and aside from that, he would no longer be able to get a job as a teacher. He has been in detention in the US since December. First Friends just raised the $1500 bond to to get him out of detention this past Tuesday. He has filed for asylum through a pro bono attorney at HIAS.